Article 9 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Coach ART Execution

Article 9 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Coach ART Execution

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The ninth ‘critical move’ in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap series, Coach ART Execution, is when you really start to capitalize on the investment that has been made developing SPC change agents, and training stakeholders in the new way of working.

At this stage of the implementation, the first big events are now in your rear view mirror. You’ve launched the first Agile Release Train (ART), and held the first Program Increment (PI) planning session. The result of all this effort is an empowered, engaged, and aligned team-of-Agile-teams ready to begin building solutions that deliver value.

There’s much at stake now, and how you proceed from this point on will dictate how well the teams embrace the new culture. You’ve set in motion a new set of practices and principles, and planted the seeds of a new Lean-Agile mindset, but that alone does not make everyone magically ‘Agile.’ It simply provides the opportunity to begin the journey of becoming Agile.

It’s now time to begin the cycle of continuous improvement that will affect the value you’re delivering to your customer, as well as the culture transformation that is taking place internally. You could think of the first ART like a child learning how to walk. It needs a good amount of encouragement, guidance, and feedback to realize its full potential. That’s where ART and team coaching come into play.

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