Article 12 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Sustain and Improve

Article 12 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Sustain and Improve

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If you’ve been reading the SAFe Implementation Roadmap article series and have made it to this stage, congratulations! When leaders are diligent in following these critical moves, and are making the appropriate course corrections along the way, the results for the organization should look like this:

  • The new way of working is becoming a part of the culture all the way from team, to program, to value stream, to portfolio
  • Substantial business benefits are accumulating every day
  • Improvements in quality, productivity, time to market, and employee engagement are meeting or exceeding expectations

You should now being seeing results like those in the case studies. These are great accomplishments, but how do you sustain them over the long term? Culture change can lose momentum as the ‘new car smell’ of a new initiative begins to fade.

To continue the practice of SAFe effectively, and ensure the ongoing engagement of the workforce, leaders must now expand their view of the implementation. They can’t just rinse and repeat. They will need to maintain the energy and enthusiasm they are devoting to the short cycles of iterations and PIs, while setting their sights on the distant horizon of long-term sustainability. The mindset and process of ‘relentless improvement’ must now take root. This, of course, is synonymous with ‘continuous change.’ And that can be challenging for an enterprise.

In this final article in the Roadmap series, Sustain and Improve, we’ll suggest some key activities the enterprise can use to overcome those challenges and continuously sustain and improve its business performance. They include:

  • Foster relentless improvement and the Lean-Agile mindset
  • Implement Agile HR practices
  • Advance program execution and servant leadership skills
  • Measure and take action
  • Improve Agile technical practices
  • Focus on Agile architecture
  • Improve DevOps and continuous delivery capability
  • Reduce time to market with value stream mapping

Read the full article here.

We fully expect that the Implementation Roadmap will undergo its own relentless improvement as it continues to be tested in the field. As we work toward providing the best guidance possible for the SAFe community, we’d love to hear from you. Your thoughts and feedback on the Roadmap have been invaluable.

Stay SAFe!
—Dean and the Framework team




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